Government commits to global open data movement

Over 90 of South Africa’s open data experts from government, civic organisations and private enterprise met at the #OpenDataNow Unconference in Cape Town in July to take the first steps in creating an open data society. Delegates promised, amongst other commitments, to build a government API catalogue and create a South African data visualization community for open data experiments.
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Open Data

We love data. We live it, eat it, drink it and dream about it. We believe that data (especially government data) should be open. Not just for personal use. Data should be shareable, mash-able, available for commercial use. Our goal is to promote the release of data under an open data licence to make it available to everyone who wants it.

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Connecting People to Government

Data is for the elite. Without context it is useless. We want to use liberated data to improve lives and empower people to make informed choices. We hope to build an active citizenry by increasing interactions between the public and government using applications that really matter to people.

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Community Outreach

Yes, we're rabid about our beliefs but without a community of data consumers, open data won't become part of the national discourse. We work with civil society, journalists, government and straight up hackers, running workshops, hosting meetings and generally getting people excited about how they can contribute to making South Africa a better place.

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Supporting Civil Society

Civil Society Organisations in the transparency and governance space toying with technology solutions to their advocacy work. They are faced with two choices, either build their own technical capacity in-house or contract to commercial programmers. We feel that neither of those solutions are satisfactory. We fill the gap by providing technology support to civil society while building and eco-system of data consumers and producers.

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Data Sources

Below is a list of websites that have a variety of datasets related to South Africa available.


We've created several machine-readable datasets that you can go ahead and use to create news applications, web pages or any other types of software.

At the moment the following APIs are available:

  • Elections API
  • Medicines API
  • Geospatial API
  • Parliamentary API

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